How to contact opposing players when a competition is drawn:-
The home player must offer the away player 3 non-consecutive dates between first contact and the day before the match must be played to the away player and a mutual agreement reached to play the match.
The length of time for which this first contact must be made is marked as Contact Window of the draw calendar. If a date cannot be arranged then The Secretary must be notified.
If the home DRAWN player cannot make contact with the opposing player then they MUST contact the Secretary or another committee member to inform them that they cannot make contact.
If the secretary cannot make contact with the originally drawn away player within the remaining time to play the match, then the home drawn player will go through with a walkover.
If contact has not been made by the home drawn player within the first 50% of the available match days then the away drawn player becomes the home player and the home drawn player becomes the away player. Contact must then be made as previously.
If the secretary cannot make contact with originally drawn home player within the remaining time to play the match, then the originally away drawn player will go through with a walkover.
All contact numbers supplied must be an active number for the particular player. Amendments must be notified to 'LDWRPL'.
1 Natasha Quorn Faulty Bam Bams 07969 064762   V   Nathan Baigent-West Darth Varder 07496 776329
2 Neil Pierce Sportsman Storm 07795 552833   V   BYE    
3 Jo Kent White Hart Waiters 07917 352147   V   BYE    
4 Anne-Marie Bloxham The Hart Breakers 07393 460295   V   BYE    
5 Rossi Pintus White Hart Select 07912 018899   V   BYE    
6 Andy Walden RSSC 07599 027037   V   BYE    
7 Jazz Hitchman Faulty Bam Bams     V   BYE    
8 Phill Beall Faulty Bam Bams 07784 510352   V   BYE    
9 Sue Ashton VIP Waffle Stompers 07796 050556   V   BYE    
10 Darren Rogers White Hart Select 07450 029167   V   BYE    
11 Dave Rogers RSSC 07788 215037   V   BYE    
12 Ken Ford White Hart Select 07516 520292   V   BYE    
13 Dave Verey RSSC 07786 371691   V   BYE    
14 Emily Botterill Faulty Bam Bams     V   BYE    
15 Daniel Ross White Hart Select 07818 453986   V   BYE    
16 Grant Melvin Sportsman Storm 07738 230687   V   BYE    
17 Gary Hilton White Hart Select 07766 525887   V   BYE    
18 Katie Smith The Hart Breakers 07533 086692   V   BYE    
19 Jason Jezzard Faulty Bam Bams     V   BYE    
20 Pedro Campos White Hart Waiters 07783 938565   V   BYE    
21 Stevan Bird Sportsman Storm 07801 474218   V   BYE    
22 Steve Duggan Labour Pool Tang Clan 07825 415388   V   BYE    
23 Shaun Cottingham White Hart Waiters 07584 558785   V   BYE    
24 Ed Febvre Sportsman Storm 07572 275453   V   BYE    
25 Steve Della White Hart Waiters     V   BYE    
26 Otis Pestano White Hart Waiters 07955 234541   V   BYE    
27 Steve MacDonald Rusty Boys 07484 661753   V   BYE    
28 Rob Wadey RSSC 07393 114182   V   BYE    
29 Mikey Parson Faulty Bam Bams     V   BYE    
30 Nick Larking Labour Pool Tang Clan 07415 900871   V   BYE    
31 Steven Jezzard Faulty Bam Bams     V   BYE    
32 Luke Turnbull White Hart Select     V   BYE    
Players must contact each other according to the new contact rules.
Matches are played over the best of 5 frames
*Both players agreed different "best of" frames
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